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How is Your Weather???. - Gay Guys! <3

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Friday, Jan 31st,14, 14:00 Hrs. M.S.T.

Hey Guys,

Here is a Topic I Haven't See Brought
Up as Yet!. How is Your Weather? Its
Been in the News for Close to Two
Months Now.

Seems Its Like the Flavour of the Week.
Rain/Snow Storms Start in the South
West and RACE Across the States and
Canada and End Up Into the Maritimes
to the Mid Atlantic B 4 They Die Out.

Can't Forget Your "Friendly" Massive
"Arctic Cold Fronts" That are Blowing
Down from the High Arctic and All the
Way Down to the Gulf of Mexico or
Across the Great Lakes and Into a
Friendly Regions in Your Areas.Depending
on Where Your Are!.

HEY!, Can't Forget the Temperatures
RIGHT!. Those Wonderfull -15C to
-40C PLUS Their Side Kicks - "Wind
Chills" That Make it Even COLDER.
Gotta Love That!.

When I See the Maps on the "Weather
Network," They Sure Tell Me a Lot. The

Hottest Site on the Net? NOT Your
Favourite Porn Site or Facebook, but Try -


YES it Gets COLD in My Areas and Its
Going to B -15C to -20C for the NEXT Two
Weeks. Ouch!,
Sure Will B Great When Those "Warn
Chinook Winds" Blow in Across the
Rockies from the Pacific Coast - I Live
in Calgary.

Winter - I'm Lpvin It, Chinooks - Bring It On.



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