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Love is so amazing don't you think? - The Rainbow Lounge

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There is no feeling like the thought of being unloved.
Hiding a secret from everyone for years that you are so scare to stand up and be honest with everyone you turn into a lie.
Trying to be what everyone wants you to be.
So you keep your dirty little secret and when you let people in they destroy all your trust.
Until one day when everything you thought you had turns and walks away.
Time to be honest with friends and family
Through tears of a mix of hope and despair all the hate of yourself is gone and now you do belong.
Exceptance and a little understanding is such a beautiful thing.

When you find a love that grows stronger everyday you know it's because karma has at last answered your prayers. You give love and now love comes your way.
Now I count my blessings everyday.
To know the feeling of waking up in loving arms and kiss her soft skin
At last I feel real and honestly I don't care what people think or say about it
Love is love and it's the most wonderful feeling I know.


I'm very pleased to hear how life and love have worked out now in such a fulfilling way for you.


good for u my friend!!!


It is a beautiful thing! Love makes life sparkle and gives it fullness and color.


That's beautiful. Love is a very nice feeling.

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