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Cute guy at the circus - Gay Guys! <3

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I will be going to the circus in the summer and I really hope I see that cute guy. I'm worried that he might not be there this time. i'd get really shy and nervous if I saw him,but I wanna talk to him without arousing suspicion. I am annoyed that I didn't to him when I saw him last year but It just didn't occur to me to do that at that the time. I really wanna get to know him,but I wouldn't know what to say. please I really do need some help with this.


I'm not sure about circuses in the UK but here the people who work them, called CARNIES, are basically here today and gone tomorrow. The chances that he is still with them are rare. I understand you have a crush on him but don't get your hopes up. And should he still be with them you can't be sure he isn't already spoken for.... he could be state and married, he could have a significant others... Just too many variables. Good luck but I urge you not to get your hopes too high lest they be dashed.


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