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New year! 2014! Ah!
I start this new year with a tragedy!
My poor laptop has sadly passed away!
26th October 2011 - 4th January 2014


Richard, so glad the illness thing has cleared up. Seems like your'e back to your usual chirpy self.

Hope your new laptop does the business for you. I don't know about Windows 8 because luckily I have a trusty old Apple iMac and an iPad for carrying around. Hope you got all your writings and stuff off the old pooter before it croaked, or better still you have a back up of everything on an external hard drive or something. You creative writers need to be very careful not to loose your previous work!! We are waiting for your publication date!

Very best wishes.


Most laptop (at least in the USA) allow you to change the OS. I strongly suggest you send it back and DEMAND they give you WIn7. I just bought a new PC for my home business a few months ago and made damn sure I got it with 7. When I discovered it was 7 HOME I then wiped the drive and installed 7 ULTIMATE! Its MY machine and it runs what I WANT! I hate 8 and refuse to use it. They have released 8.1 and put back the START menu but I still won't use it. Microsoft has got way too big for their own good. I am still running XP on all other machines and I will continue to do so even when they "sunset" the OS. I am a strong believer in the saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it" and XP PRO was not broken.

If you DON'T want to send it back then find someone with what is called a VOLUME license copy which allows it to be put on numerous machines. Then you can wipe the damn thing and load 7.

I would send it to you but US law prevents me from sending ANY software overseas to anyone.

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