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Chuffed at the MOvies - Gay Guys! <3

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AS a very good friend of mine rightly points out, I went to see THe Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug in Cineworld Dublin. I was well chuffed when a member of staff Wished me a very happy New Year. I felt so wanted in this dreary world.

Plus might I add, 2014 is gonna be da year of the movies. Before the movie started, I saw the trailer for Godzilla. This is gonna blow ur mind. It actually blow me pants off when I saw the Godzilla trailer plus seeing my crush Andrew Garfield(Spider) and my childhood RoboCop. Oh boy.

Finally on my way home, I was thinking(it's all I ever do these days - be they negative thoughts or positive(which is rare these days)), My New Year's REsolution is no doubt to see MORE of my mates, like one friend I havent seen for several months(yet he lives down the road). THat sorta thing. I told him It ain't Not On.