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things i just cannot stand - Gay Guys! <3

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Letss see here are a few things that i cant stand people doing

1) is when you look at someone because they are pretty or attractive and then they say to your frend THAT GUYS STEARIN AT ME

2) when people deliberately chough over your food before serving your dinner

3) when you are at home whacting tv like your favorite show then all of a sudden your whole family joins in

3) when someone in the middle of the market make fun of someone who they know is gay

4) at dinners when people eat with their mouth wide open

5) people who talk about others behind their back or right in front of them


6) very loud people in shops like THIS LOUD


I agree with ALL of them.


ALl of them agreed


danm thats annoying when people does all of them in a public place, i hate it when other people does it

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