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Which One? - Gay fans of Doctor Who

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OK just for a bit of high camp silliness!! If you had the chance to be a companion - which Dr would you love to ride with?

My choice would be Matt Smith but then again David Tennant would also on my list - simply because it would give me the chance to " flirt " with Capt. Jack!!


Tennant, if I could do Jack as well. Maybe meet Jamie and see his kilted legs!


David tennent. So cheeky! Plus I'd get to meet rRiver Song ...... spoilers!


Either David Tennant or Matt Smith. And probably either Peter Davidson or Colin Baker in their 80s selves!! lol Looking forward to the next Doctor Who special and the episodes with the 12th doctor


Patrick Troughton! The 2nd Doctor is just so nice and brilliant and funny! He's musical too. Plus if it's his first season you get both Ben AND Jamie to hang out with. Gr!


I have always adored Pat Troughton's 2nd incarnation cos u got a sense that he really cared for his companions and was such a joy to watch on screen, everything he did or said had conviction, unlike later versions.