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Faith part 4 - Your WRITES

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Erin lowered herself so that her chin was just above my clit. I
suspected her motives and was going to tell her that I was far too
sensitive, when she smiled cheekily and kissed my labia so softly. I was
amazed that it didn't make me leap off the bed but was in fact very
pleasant. I relaxed and breathed slowly, and she kissed slightly more
firmly, and used her tongue to find access to my clit. Again, somehow I
could stand it. She made her tongue soft, and I just let myself enjoy
it. Gently pushing against my clit with her tongue, she began to elicit
further groans of pleasure from me, and I felt that something was building
up again. My pussy was so very wet from before, but was adding further to
this, and I could tell that things must be slippery. Erin held on to my
hips and started to swirl her tongue around my clit, between my lips and
against my opening, pushing just a little harder against me. My body met
this and I was myself pushing to feel her even more. Every movement of her
tongue or her lips felt amazing. The wetness from her mouth together with
my copious cum was making for a delightful sensation. I just wanted to
savour it.
My body had other ideas, however. It was so good, but it wasn't
long before another orgasm was imminent. Erin must have sensed this, and
started to focus more on my clit, alternating licking with some gentle
suction. Again my body arched against her, and she held on tight as I began
to lose control of myself. Waves of intense pleasure swept over me, I was
entirely given over to what she was doing to my pussy. I was writhing
around, not fully aware of anything but the feelings emanating from between
my legs.
When it was over, she held me, and I held her, and at that moment I
knew that nothing frightened me.

The following morning, we were in my kitchen as I fried bacon and
eggs for two. The cold light of day had not dulled anything from the
previous night.
"What I can't help but wonder," I said, "is why you persisted, at
the beginning. After that blind date. I mean, I wasn't really that
encouraging, was I, with that talk of never trusting people?"
Erin smiled. "You weren't actively discouraging me."
"I think, on some level, I was trying too. Maybe I was aware that
otherwise I'd end up falling for you, and then I'd get hurt."
"Do you still think you'll get hurt?"
I thought for a moment. "I don't think I do. I suppose you can
never tell. But I'm not afraid. How did you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Make me relaxed enough to, I don't know, trust you?"
"I just gave you time."
"But that might not have worked," I said, "I might have gone away
from all of this instead."
Erin came up to me and kissed me. "I had faith. And I think you did
Maybe she was right.
The End for now

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