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Faith part 3 - Your WRITES

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I dropped her off later on that afternoon, and after that we
started to see each other a bit more frequently. Oddly enough, it almost
seemed more platonic than anything, though there was a hint of a spark
there. I was still very attracted to her, that hadn't changed, but it
seemed to me that Erin was holding back, certainly on a physical level. We
spent the time talking, having dinner, taking in a movie or two and sharing
several bottles of wine. I enjoyed this time, and found that I was getting
to know Erin better and better. My fears were still there, but they were
much less in the forefront of my mind. As far as I could tell by now, Erin
seemed absolutely genuine.
Yet now I was worried that our relationship was slipping
irreversibly into friendship. The irony wasn't lost on me; that as I became
more open to the idea of making a real go of it with her, she seemed to be
backing off. We still shared plenty of kisses, but whenever I tried to push
things further in that respect I was gently rebuked. I didn't really know
what to think about this, but I was concerned. A true friendship with Erin
would be a wonderful thing, but I now knew that I wanted more than
that. The thing I was most afraid of had happened - I had fallen for her,
and it wasn't looking good. I was reluctant to raise the issue for fear of
chasing her off altogether.
About a month and a half after that Sunday in the villages, I was
at home on a Friday evening. Term had restarted and as exams were imminent
there was plenty of work for me to be doing, so I was staying in,
marking. I was sitting in my living room with exercise books all about the
place when the doorbell rang.
I sighed as I got up to answer it, annoyed at having been
disturbed. When I opened it, though, my annoyance faded as I saw that it
was Erin who was paying me a visit.
"Come in, come in!" I said, "do excuse the mess, the kids are
keeping me busy at the moment."
"Not a bad time, I hope?" she asked.
"No, no. Nothing I can't put off for a while." This was a bit of a
lie, but I wasn't about to chase Erin away.
"So I was thinking," Erin said as she seated herself on the chair
next to the sofa I had been sitting on, "or should I say, wondering?"
"About what?" I asked, intrigued, sitting back down.
"Are you still scared?"
"Of what?" Suddenly, my heart felt like it was in my throat.
"Of getting hurt. Of being used. Specifically, by me."
I wanted to answer, but the words wouldn't seem to come. All I
could do was look at Erin with incredulity and shake my head.
"Good," she said, and she got out of the chair, knelt on the floor
between my knees. She looked up at me as she placed one arm on each of my
thighs. "I knew, after that talk in the field, that it would take time to
really gain your trust. I hope I've made some progress."
I swallowed, then muttered, "More than you know."
Erin placed a hand on the back of my neck and pulled my face down
to hers. Our lips touched as if it was the first kiss all over again, and
then after a momentary pause to ensure that this was really happening, I
placed my hands on the back of her head and kissed her harder. I could feel
her tongue enter into my mouth and she was hungrily probing it while
readily allowing me to do the same to her. Then she pulled me down further,
until she was lying on the floor with me above her. I was kissing her with
a freedom that she hadn't granted me before now, and it was wonderful,
liberating. She rolled me onto my back and started to kiss my extended
neck, and the fact that we were undoubtedly creasing my students' work was
the last of my thoughts. I held her tight with my arms around her, running
my hands up and down her back.
Then Erin looked me in the eyes with a very serious
expression. "Take me to bed," she said.
I grinned widely, and rolled back on top of her. "I thought you'd
never ask!"
I scrambled to my feet and pulled her up with me, the two of us
again locking in a kiss. Then I took her hand, and led her upstairs to my
bedroom. While we were going up the stairs the two of us were smiling
excitedly. I couldn't help it, the thing that I had been afraid of never
experiencing seemed to be happening at last. When we got to my room she
pushed me back onto my bed, and climbed onto it so that she was straddling
my body. I liked this direct, confident side of her. I reached up to her
and brought her face down to mine so that I could kiss her once again. I
couldn't get over how wonderful her lips felt against mine, and when our
tongues touched it was like electricity
My hands were on her waist, with my fingertips underneath the hem
of her top, and this time she was not objecting to them venturing
further. It felt very strange to suddenly have this licence to touch her as
I'd longed to do, but in a delicious way. I ran my hands against the skin
of her lower back, marvelling at the smoothness and softness of her
skin. Beneath her clothes she was very petite, and felt quite delicate in
my hands.
She sighed as I touched her, signalling her consent for matters to
proceed. I ran my hands further up and then around so that they were on her
stomach. Again, so soft. My palms then rested on her sides with my fingers
just below her shoulder blades and my thumbs below her breasts. Now that I
had her like this, I knew I was in no hurry to let go. She responded by
taking hold of the bottom of her top and removing the garment over her
head, revealing a purple bra encasing her beautifully formed breasts. Then
she reached around to her back and released the bra, letting it fall away
and revealing her breasts to me fully. I was transfixed. The sight of her,
half naked, made me want to push her onto her back and ravish her, but I
made myself wait, made myself allow her to dictate the pace.
Erin pulled my head up so that I was sitting up and my mouth was
level with her nipples. I could not resist that, and gently took her right
nipple between my lips. She gasped as I did so and I could feel it harden
slightly in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it and softly sucked it
further, and as I did so I felt her place a hand on the back of my head and
pull me in closer. While I toyed with her breast I looked up at her face,
and she gazed down at me with a lust I had never dared hope for.
I broke off, and began to lick the skin around and underneath her
breast; then I moved slowly to the other one, leaving a light trail where
my tongue had made contact. I kissed her skin more urgently now, my own
breathing quickening. I could feel that something was stirring between my
legs, and my own lust was spurring me on. Sucking Erin's other nipple into
my mouth, I ran my fingers though her hair and pressed myself against her
as much as I could. Erin moaned and threw her head back, and I kissed my
way up to her neck, marvelling at the taste and feel of her skin against my
lips and tongue. I got to her chin and then our mouths met again and I
kissed her deeply and fast, my breath now coming in gasps. As our tongues
danced together I felt Erin pulling at the t-shirt I was wearing, and I
raised my arms to allow her to lift it over my head and away. Then she
worked at the clasp of my bra and after a moment's tugging, she got it free
and that, too, came away. Erin looked down at my breasts, slightly smaller
than her own, then back at my face and she smiled.
I was dying for her to touch them, my nipples were already hard and
when she made the first direct contact it felt to me like little electric
shocks. It was as though my nipples were wired directly to my clit, for it
was also hardening with every move Erin made and I knew that I would not be
able to hold back for long. She pushed me back down onto my back and
started to kiss and suck my breasts in turn, and I could not stop the
groans of pleasure escaping from my throat. Erin was evidently very skilled
with her tongue and happy to demonstrate.
As I lay back and enjoyed the pleasure rushing through me, though,
I had an overwhelming urge to be kissing, touching and tasting Erin
further. It had been so long since I'd been with anyone at all, but she was
particularly spectacular and I wanted to experience more. She was beginning
to run her kisses down my stomach, but I rolled over and positioned myself
above her. She willingly went along with this, and wrapped her arms around
me when I lowered my body onto hers, our mouths and shoulders and breasts
and stomachs now touching as we kissed again.
I started to kiss my way down the middle of her delicious body, and
sent my hands down further to try and undo the buttons on her jeans. In
this position it was awkward, and I was distracted anyway by what my mouth
was doing, so I was pleased when she reached down and relieved me of that
task. She undid her jeans and lifted herself off the bed to pull them down,
and when I looked I saw that she had removed any underwear as well. Erin
kicked her jeans down onto the floor, and I sank my torso between her
parted legs as I kissed her belly button. I could immediately feel how wet
she had become against my breast, and the musky scent of an aroused women
filled my nostrils. My own wetness must have doubled at that moment, and I
could see from Erin's expression that she was keen for me not to delay much
Who was I to say no? I ran my tongue down the lower part of her
stomach, kissed my way through her fine bush, and took her clit straight
into my mouth. She cried out. I let my tongue wander a little lower and
immersed it in the copious juices she was producing, savouring the taste
and probing just inside her. Erin moaned further and writhed on the bed. I
licked hard all around her opening and was rewarded with the production of
more of her liquid pleasure.
"Please, Laura... suck on my clit."
Okay. I surrounded her hard clit with my lips and flicked my tongue
across it once or twice, before closing the seal and sucking it into my
mouth. Instantly Erin's groaning got louder and her movements greater –
initially it was difficult for me to stay in place. Erin had her eyes
closed and her mouth open; one hand was in my hair, ensuring that I
wouldn't leave my present engagement. I sucked a little harder and her clit
got a little bigger. My arms were under her thighs and I gripped her hips
to give myself more leverage as I pushed my face more closely into the
folds of her pussy. As Erin got closer to coming she started to buck
against the bed, but every movement of hers moved my lips and tongue
against her – she was riding my mouth now, rocking hard against me. My own
body was going mad – I don't think I'd ever been as turned on as I was now.
For ten minutes I sucked and licked her clit, and throughout she
got wilder and louder. Just before I thought my back was due to give out,
Erin sat up, holding my head against her as I sucked, and screamed. Her
thighs were wrapped so tightly around my head I couldn't even hear it
properly, but I wondered if the neighbours were out. Her body was in spasm
and I kept sucking as hard as I could as she came with such force.
And then she fell back onto the pillow, panting, and I rolled away
onto my back, also gasping for breath. Not a word was said. Once I could
summon the strength I moved myself up the bed so that I was lying next to
her, and lay an arm across her. Erin looked at me and smiled widely. I
grinned back. We didn't need to talk; we both knew what had just passed
between us.
After a few minutes of quietly lying there, taking each other in, I
felt Erin move against me. She tilted up her head and kissed my neck
gently, exhaling as she did so. She ran her lips to the angle of my jaw,
and left another kiss there, and I pulled her body closer to mine. I was
partially exhausted, but also overwhelmingly excited and badly in need of
some attention. Just with these soft kisses I was aware of my breathing
quickening again, something evidently not lost on Erin. Her hand moved up
my body to my breast and she rolled into me so that she was slightly above
me. She was cupping my breast with her hand and lightly rolled my nipple
between her thumb and forefinger as she did so, while continuing the little
kisses on the skin of my neck. I extended my neck and closed my eyes, alive
to nothing but the pleasure she was giving me.
I felt her adjust her position so that she was in a more dominant
position over me, and I instinctively parted my legs. Erin placed her thigh
between mine, and that teasing contact against my pussy was enough to
arouse me further. She knew this, clearly, and grinned as her kisses moved
down to my shoulder and the top of my chest. I hardly needed any further
working up by now.
She must have known this too, as suddenly I felt her fingers at my
sex. She applied a little pressure over the whole area at first, and I
could tell that already I had drenched her hand. Then she deftly parted my
labia and with the same fingers, thrusted inside me. I gasped loudly. She
kissed me on the mouth, her tongue delving inside, and started to develop a
rhythm with her fingers inside me. I was so open to her, and I felt her add
another finger, probably a third. I couldn't get enough, and just wanted
her to fuck me endlessly. My hands were gripping the pillow above my head,
and I was crying out, a little louder with each thrust she made. The deeper
she went, the more fantastic it felt.
Erin angled her hand in such a way that she was rubbing against my
clit with every drive of her fingers. I was starting to arch my back and
thrust myself downwards against her. I felt her meet my movements with even
greater vigour and I was on the edge. It was only ever going to take
seconds from this point, and indeed I could feel the muscles of my pelvis
start to spasm as a huge orgasm started to crash through me. My shouts were
getting higher and more repetitive as I ground against her hand and she
maintained the force that was sending me to an internal paradise.
Then my whole body tightened, I screamed long and low, and then
begged her to stop. Suddenly the climax was over and I had become so
sensitive. She did, but stayed above me, kissing my belly that rose and
fell with panting and was beaded with sweat.

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