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Surprise - Your WRITES

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this is a true story of happiness and love

having finished work and about to embark on my weeks hols I headed back to my apartment and waiting girlfriend,as it was a beautiful July day I decided to walk the short distance and daydream about the surprise she had promised me for our holiday together,on entering my apartment i found my bags packed and my smiling baby waiting impatiently,with hardly a word she pushed me out and to the airport we went.
our destination turned out to be Sweden and a place called Arboga,i should have been forewarned about what was to follow when on entering the hotel I found we where booked into the honeymoon suite but my devious girl insisted it was the last room available when she booked,after a pleasant romantic evening sat broke as most sat dos until into our room crashed my mother.sister,father,my girls mother and father and her 2 brothers and in unison announced it was my wedding day.
The most perfect day began with a glass of champayne while having my hair and nails done along with my sister (bridesmaid) mother and future mother in law,then out came my Dress (a beautiful A line strapless white lace tea length gown) with matching shoes and then thru the hotel to a waiting rolls which whisked me to a 13th century church where my bride awaited standing at the foot of the aisle dressed in a white tuxedo with her brother as best man and my dad walking me down the aisle,well he may have been walking i was floating and crying,the ceremony itself is a blur but I'm assured i said all the right things in the right places,and that the kiss at the end was toe curling mushy.
The reception was just an intimate family meal but again it seamed perfect and fit us so well after which with a lot of crying we parted from our family and agreed to meet up that night, whereupon it was back to our suite (the next part is censored as I don't want kicking off the site lol)
The day ended in the hotel ballroom where my new wife somehow managed to clear the dance floor and get me up for our 1st dance as a married couple, a slow one to suddenly i see by kt tunstall which ended to mass applause from the other people there,followed by dances with my dad,father in law,brother in laws and people i didn't even know stopping by just to kiss the bride before we said our goodbyes and retired
So ended the most perfect day and began my new life as Mrs Amy Alexander-Madigane


Congrats!!!! )