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New LGBT charity needs your help. - The Rainbow Lounge

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Some of you may have been wondering why I've not been around so much in the groups and chat recently... You haven't?... I must be slipping! Hehehe...

Anyway, I've been working hard with a few like-minded friends and colleagues to set up a new charity "CooLGBT", dedicated to support and befriending for LGBT youth.

I now need to ask for your help.

I need volunteers who can take on certain roles within the charity. Initially, all roles will be unpaid and voluntary, but once we are in a position to take on paid staff, those who help us now will be the first we will consider for salaried positions as and when they arise.

Needed right now:

1) Web designers with good working knowledge of Joomla and PHP/MySQL.
2) "Social Networkers" with good working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+, with the time to post, comment and Tweet constantly!
3) Trained counsellors and therapists to oversee the "befrienders" and handle any of the more serious emotional issues which arise. Also to help us in writing the guidelines for the befrienders.
4) Bloggers who can write interesting and informative articles aimed at LGBT youth.
5) Young LGBT people to act as "befrienders" for their local areas and on-line.
6) Chat and Blog Moderators.
7) Older LGBT people who can act as "mentors".

Please note that over-30's may be required to undergo "CRC" police checks for certain roles which require personal contact with under-16's.

In line with charity policy, there is no maximum or minimum age for any of the positions, but counsellors and therapists of course must be properly qualified.

Anyone interested can contact me at ceo@coolgbt.org.



i'm interested


sent an email

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