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As many of the loyal followers of the Haus of Gaga, I bought the latest CD by Lady Gaga called ARTPOP. I thought it was great. My only complaint is not with Mama Monster or the songs themselves, but with Walmart and other stores only selling the "edited" versions. I can understand certain words being bleeped, but "ass"? I will just go to ITunes and download the "dirty" versions. I hate how the title of one song was "Jewels 'N *****" I think the censored word was "drugs", yet they had no issue wuth the title "Dope"! I think censorship is wrong. It should be up to the parents to keep kids away from "naughty words". Despite that, it is great! Go get it, and I will see you at Kareoke doing my versions of "Applause" and "Venus"


Hear hear about the censorship, Scott! In my view the fault lies with a vocal minority of lazy parents who jump up and down every 5 minutes screaming "Protect our kids!" because they can't be assed to!

In my childhood days, naughty magazines and alcohol were kept on the top shelf where we couldn't reach them, other "sensitive material" was kept under the counter, a policeman was allowed to do his job and clip us round the ear when we needed it, and if someone dragged us back to our house by the scruff of the neck and told our mum that we'd been naughty, she'd have a go at us... not at the person who'd brought us home!

We were safe, because our parents looked after us instead of expecting the government to do their job for them!

Rant over! ;-)


I too agree. As a former broadcaster I am aware there are "edited DJ versions" for radio. A line in Pink Floyds "MONEY" (doo good good Bull...) is a perfect example. But for retail sales I see NO reason to EDIT content. There is more than enough room on the disc to put both versions. I seldom buy music CD"S as I am not into the current music however if retail stores like Wal-Mart are having the record labels do special versions for their stores there should be a very prominent label on the outside that clearly states it is an EDITED version of songs and to list which one(s) is/are edited.

For those outside North America I am sure this is a bit odd sounding. Remember that in the US we still have a very Puritanistic attitude and everyone wants to sensor that which they don't agree with. On radio US stations risk huge fines and lawsuits for anything even remotely considered "profane or indecent". In a land of freedom we have too many laws. Here the airwaves are technically owned by the public and the FCC represents the citizens in this area. However when it comes to commercial release to the public of music there is no reason to edit or sensor. People should be able to buy it as the artist recorded it.


Everybody has that responsibility, like it or not!


I understand editing certain words (the F word, the S word, derrogatory terms for females, etc). But Tipper Gore's censorship drive on music started this mess. Ever hear the NIN song "Closer" on radio? I heard them play it with those horrible "boing" sounds over the naughty words. I also say this, have you ever heard the words to Rockabye Baby? It tells about putting a baby up in a tree and wait for ht child to fall. Hansel & Gretel have a witch killed (being Wiccan, I find that offensive, lol)
Anyway, this rant has gone offtopic. I am a big fan of Gaga, so let's all comment on her!


I got the uncensored version of Artpop. The "clean" version censored "drugs" "blunt" "sex" "sexual", but it did NOT bleep "piss"! lol I also got the "Applause" t-shirt, with Gaga's smuged face art. I posted a pic in my albums. She was AMAZING on SNL! That show is hemmoraging, and Mama Monster gave it one week of life. I recorded it and will watch it again.