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Best Dr, Who story for halloween - Gay fans of Doctor Who

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My favorite was State of Decay. The Great vampire was creepy, too bad the effects were lame. The was a small flub in one scene. When Zargo & Camilla are doing that hand-washing ritual (in perfect sync). After they finish, Camilla grabs Zargo's hand. He pulls away, and the ring Camilla was wearing pops off! I'm sure it was a blooper, but so minor they thought no one would see it. Check it out. They reminded me so much of the classic Shields & Yarnell robot bit.


That was a good story I have that on some old VCR tape with Tom Baker and K-9. Tom Baker was when I first started to watch Dr Who.


another good one was Blink. First appearance of the Weeping Angels. The Dæmons was good too, even though its supposed to take place around Beltaine (spring)


I would have to say a new episode/or episodes involving the dying/decaying Master. Although I've seen the Keeper of Traken and the assistantless Tom Baker episode (the episode name escapes me, but it's the one where the Master is attempting to kill the President of the Time Lords), I'd like to see new episodes involving this version of the Master.


ok, what stories have a Thanksgiving feel to them (or Harvest for those that don't do the other). I think any of the shows where they have a feast work. The Romans where the Doctor, Ian, Barbara & Vicki are eating grapes. Or Warriors Gate for that dining hall that was left untouch for many years. How about "King's Demons" with the song being performed by the "king".