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Nice to meet you.

My name is Tomoko Minakuchi.

I'm Japanese lady.

34 years old.

My hobby is writing,reading,playing games,window shopping cloths,natural stone,aroma,perfume,philosophy etc...

My favorite places are shop,riverside,seaside,lakeside,aquarium,and in my room.

I'm handicapped and bisexusual,almost lesbian.

I wanna make friends all over the world and learn English.

I want to language exchange.

I hope to talk and text chat by Skype with English and Japanese mix.

In LINE*kakao Talk*Skype, I am looking for a friend that while connected,can study session and free talk(∩ * '∀ `* ∩)

Until a few years ago, or writing a thesis philosophy in English , or discussion , a volunteer, or counseling in English,I had to teach a person of foreign Japanese,but gradually failure becomes heavy, If you stay repeatedly and unconscious,memory loss,it has become not less than infant level ('; ω; `)

At the very least,everyday conversation up to want to go back,I was allowed to register(∩ * '∀ `* ∩)

I use boku.
Youth eternal*
Platonic,means nonsexual*
(Secondary congenital brain defect*mental disorder ) Mental*
The writer and provide music*work,dream,Doctor stop*
Writing*conversation*reading*music*philosophy*game*idle*shopping hobby,( clothes*perfume*aroma*natura stone) *

A park*Odaiba*aquarium*Museum*karaoke*Window shopping is a favorite place(∩ * '∀ `* ∩)

It has been kept alive by being care to family♪

Browse our laid up two weeks a month (menstruation around*usually,insomnia sleepless 3 to 5('Д ⊂)

I always stay in my bed.

It's difficult for me to go out.

That's all.

I always wish your happiness.

I hope to meet partner and Soul Mate.


I study English.

But my English is poor.

Sometime I use translator.

Sorry for that you can't understand.

LINE*kakao talk ID⇒suppinrock

Skype ID⇒suppin_rock


Hello nice to meet you my name is Christina Desireé I am 34 aswell and come November 13th I will be 35 I enjoy movies music reading shopping cooking and asking questions


Hi Minakuchi--I hope you find someone who has Skyp--I don't--and you can get some of your goals met--most of the people here are nice and get along.

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