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Hi Guys can you help me - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi Guys I know that some of you have been here for some time and know that I have a lover for 26 years now. Well ever since Delaware is allowing gays to get married legally I have ask Donnie.

We will be getting it done in Nov (Thanksgiving week) the week we meet 26 years ago.

My first question is can someone give me some help in what to do after for our honeymoon. Were we getting married is about 20 mins. from Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. I am willing to drive 6 hrs in any directions up or down the east coast or 6 hrs west.

2nd thing is that I have been working on my vows and I would like to have feed back on what I wrote.

Donnie You are my friend my lover and my soul mate.

On Thanksgiving week 26 yrs ago I saw you for the first time. From that moment I knew that we would be together for the rest of our life.

It took me a few years to show you that.

You have been there for the good times and for the bad times and here we still stand together. We did a lot in our years together and I enjoy ever moment that we share No matter what we do or what happens in the future with our live's together I know we will still be here for each other.

I wrote you this poem I hope it tells you how I feel.

When the skies seem to have lost there blue and the winter nights get a little colder for you. I will keep you warm is what I will do Because I will do anything for a man like you.

I will shower you with kisses and try to make your dreams come true. Whatever you crave from me I will gladly do.

Honey I so wish that we could have done all of this in front of our family and friends like we did before but here we stand with our new friends and I ask you again will you be with me for another 25 yrs.

Like I said before I will do anything for you Because you are my friend,my lover,and my soul mate.

Guys thanks for your help and please only comment on the discussion. Oh and if you don't believe that gays should not get married please don't comment at all..I do not want this to become a discussion on gay marriage.



That Is Beautiful, And Congrats Have a Wonderful Day and Life Together.


Hi Michael & your significant other:- Firstly, may I correct a spelling error in the first line of your poem? It should read "When the skies have lost THEIR blue". Also, since you have been together for 26 years, do you REALLY want him to be with you for ONLY 25 yrs.? (third to last paragraph above beginning with "Honey".) LOL.
My partner & I wish you both a Very Happy Honeymoon for the 26th time. Obviously, there are good times & bad, but the fact that you are still together means that the good times vastly outweigh the bad. I am talking from experience having met my partner in '69 (you do the math) & we are still a couple - maybe not wiser but certainly older. LOL. We are in Québec City which may be too far for you, but Montréal would be about 150 miles closer & the climate is not too bad - even at the end of Nov.


You might want to check this out
If you are interested my friends Chuck and Terry who got married in Maryland last month own a great bed and breakfast in Memphis--and know the city inside and out--if interested I can send you their email address OR I can send you their web site for the B & B--let me know.


@Brian thank you for your comment..

@Jim Thanks for the correction LOL other then that how was the vows..We would love to come to Canada but no passports.

@MartinThanks for the link..Will check it out..

I should also say that if anyone is looking for a place for us please make sure that they allows dog.We might not have him because we are still looking for a pet setter we have ask a couple of our friends..and it don't have to be a gay place either..

Please keep the help coming...


@Jim Thanks for the correction LOL other then that how was the vows..We would love to come to Canada but no passports.
Michael:- The vows were very well thought out before putting them on paper. Personally, I wouldn't change a dot. Our love to you both.