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Friday was a long, expensive , tiring but fun day! It is on days like that I feel every day of my life when I finally get home--it is as if I needed a reminder I am old! LOL

We went down to Miami Beach to see "Captain Phillips" at the Regal theatre catching the 3:30 showing. (I posted the review yesterday.) The matinee tickets were $9.50 each which is the highest we ever paid and it wasn't even a 3D movie, but it was good so we were not complaining--that came later.

We got out of the movie at 6 PM and walked on Lincoln Road until we go to Balan's where we had eaten before. Allen had crab linguine and iced tea while I had Chinese noodles in a soy sauce with large shrimp--yep! That old oxymoron!--and coffee. With tip our check came to $56. It didn't come as a surprise because everything is expensive on Lincoln Road and as I said we had eaten there before. The food was good but the special added attraction, as always on the Road, is the passing parade. There are more hot bodies (both sexes) during 'season' but there was still a variety of eye candy to entertain us.

It was when we went to pick up the cat at 7 PM that we, at least I, got hit with sticker shock. It cost $20 to park!! Maybe we are spoiled but most movie theatres in Fort Lauderdale have free parking, even the Riverfront theatre downtown we use to go to most Fridays gave you 3 hours free parking in the government garage! (By the way did I mention that theatre closed? It wasn't surprising because every Friday we expected to get there and see the doors locked. It was a huge place with 15 auditoriums, of which they eventually closed 5, and the whole building had been a 'white elephant' since day 1 mainly because there wasn't any parking. Along with the fact that the 4th owners of the theatre didn't take very good care of it.

Next we drove over to Miami to the Arsht Performing Arts Center. They have 3 tiers of parking depending on how far the particular lot is from the theatre. Valet parking is $25 plus tip, the next lot,a block away from the theatre, is $10 and the 3rd one is $8. The parking lot we usually went to, because it was so convenient, and yes cheap!, as it was right off the Interstate which made it easy to get on after the show was over, had closed because they were widening the roads and the government took it over.

We got out of "Mamma Mia!" at 10:40 and Allen dropped me off at Gateway 40 minutes later. (See my review now at broadwayshowbiz.com)

I spent most of Saturday getting caught up on emails and web site notifications plus writing reviews. How did I ever do all this plus work?!?!?


sorry for late reply..its just i forgot my password and now i retrieved it..
looking onward to hear more about you...
more power and God Bless


Yeh Martin, Well Done, A Really Great Weekend.


Well someone has to do it--might as well be me!!! Now the owner of broadwayshowbiz.com asked me to send some abbreviated restaurant reviews-- sent her 6 yesterday so now I am reviewing theatre, movies and restaurants for the site! I love it!!!


Just Great 2 be doing a Job That U really Enjoy.