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Please show your support... - Gay Guys! <3

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Everyone PLEASE sign this petition:


I can't believe since March it has only received just over 17,000 signatures! It is GENOCIDE, and just the tip of a large iceberg which could turn into a new "holocaust" if we don't stop it NOW! Remember, this is not just about a few "queers". The Iraqi government is condoning the torture and murder of any boys or men, some as young as 14 or 15, who appear "different", including "punks", "goths" and "emos". Please help to get the 20,000 signatures needed to submit the petition to the UN and the Iraqi authorities. Thank you.


For those who have tried but find the message SAFARI CANNOT FIND THE SERVER and HTTPS NOT FOUND, just copy & paste www.allout.........and the rest. This will bring you to the correct page.
Ian, here on the discussion page it is written http, but on the message we have received via email, we received https....


Signed, commented and tweeted it on Twitter!


Thanks everyone. I originally put the "https:" address in the post, but it wouldn't work in Google Chrome, so I edited it and used the "http:".


Bump! Please keep signing this petition, show your support for the boys in Iraq and help get the 20,000 signatures needed. Thanks.