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Visit an old friend - Get HAPPY

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The other day I went to visit an old friend and when I say old friend she's 92 and I've only known her for about a year now.
I was told about her driveway to the house it was very steep so I left the car across the road and walked up the hill to be greeted by more old brick stairs so I continued climbing.
When I reached the top there was a beautiful garden and I could see in the huge windows an artists studio full of paints and paintings. I tap on the door and called out and after awhile Joyce came to the door with a big smile.
She invited me in and I was in owe as I look around the room at all the beautiful things.
We sat and chatted and I listened to her wisdom she talked me about her family and how she raised them to be honest creative compassion people.
She had been a good mother to them and told me she could see the same in me as I told her about my life too.
When it was time to go she gave me one of her lovely paintings and asked me to come visit anytime. As I left she smiled and said to me.
"Keep on dancing until the music ends"


That sounds like a very good friend and very wise too.



I live in a residence of seniors from 62-97---there are a lot of Joyces among them and I am lucky to know them


Nice story.

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