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Texting or blogs - Lesbian Ladies

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Wow is this site ever confusing. It appears that most members refrain from using the chat function and prefer to use the discussion boards instead as a vice. Is it because of the growing popularity of texting or blogs??? What do you think?


I tried using the chat a few times but every time I go in there, there is literally no one there. I always check when I come on here but no one. Personally I have never been into blogging or anything.


It's because the few times that the chat room has more than one person in it, they're gay men. Not a problem but an irritant.
I blog for a living, so I only read things that offer value...suffice it to say, I haven't read much of anything on this site that has provided any value.
Also, lesbians seem to need more than a room to start mingling. We are women, and as such, we typically desire some sort of catalyst, a middle ground to start conversation, unlike men who only need "age, top/bottom, location" to get going.


Alright so chat rooms are out of the question on this site. While blogging is not a big winner on here either I see. Apparently someone has to post something off the wall to gain a response.

So what do people want to talk about on here aside of sex???


When I get on chat no one is on it.