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when you are a foolish romantic dreamer like me
all you need is a muse and your spark turns into a raging fire
all of a sudden my arms turned into wings and I am flying once more
I can't wait to see her smile and hear her laugh
and she knows me as I poured my heart out and now I am an empty cup
feel me up oh please feel me up
I'm so scared and so excited at the same time
the tiger in my heart is so ready to break free
I don't know what will become of me
I have been so lost and lonely, wanting to be loved
she smiles sweetly and says come here to me
I tremble
Her lips are so soft and her smile so sweet
who knew that we would ever meet
a chance like this comes but once in a life time
and she even likes my writing and my rhyme
so as I stand on the edge and I try not to fall
all the bricks fall down and there goes my wall
I'll tell you anything you need to know
I am in need and want to love and I'll never let you go
and it is time to sleep
time to dream of days to come
good night my love and into the dark I go
down down down into the deep

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