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hiding it from my parents :\ - Love and Romance

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how do i tell my parents im a lesbian? i've tried it before, but my mom (who i may add is EXTREMELY religious) completely doesn't agree with it. my mom and i have always had a rocky relationship. the little times that we do have good days i would much rather keep than loosing her altogether.

i feel stuck and so unhappy. i could use some advice. please help me lol


There is no easy answer here. Most people have to decide which is more important. Do you deny who you are to appease your family, or do you embrace who you and risk losing your family? In this day and age most parents I know come around to the idea. You have to do what will make you happy. If she denies you for being who you are, then she doesn't deserve you as a daughter. Be calm when you talk to her, if that is what you decide to do. Do not assume she will shut you out, parents smell fear and they use it.


i have tried talking to her before. she knows that i had girlfriends and i stopped because of this whole issue. she made it very clea and even said that she would want no kind of communication with me if i chose to live "that kind of life".


Erika, I never told my parents. Arguably it was a different world. For me it was the best thing to do, I know they never would have understood. No real help, I know.

It's something you will figure out on your own, and I wish you the best of luck no matter what you decide to do.



thank you very much meg. :]


I understand wanting to keep your family, that's why most of mine doesn't know. I love them so much but, I know that their love is dependent on who they want me to be. Sometimes I just want to tell them who I am and be done with it but, then I wouldn't be able to help my cousin who's in a similar boat as you are. For me, my family comes first, however, when I find the right girl I'll refuse to hide anymore.

Maybe that won't help but, you can talk to me if you need too.


I was blessed with a former freak for a mom. Although she is saved and all when she was my age she did prretty much everything in the book (except girls) so seeing that I am nothing like that and was with out any realtionship for a year before I met my girlfriend she was ok. What bothers me the most is that although she is totally supportive of my life and likes my girlfriend and wishes the best for us she still sees it as a faze. Thats annoying everyone says I act like a lesbian but now I am they say I'm not...strange. My girl on the other hand isnt blessed with a open minded mom. Her Dad seems to support her...not her sexuality but her. Her mom on the other had not so much the same. I cant go into detail but she was raised got fearing and her mom seems to hold strong to that. She still shows she loves her but on the outside looking in its hard to see that maybe she might have to choose between me and her family. I don't want to be the one taking her from her family and don't think I can let her do that. Feels kinda selfish of me. I love her so much I want her to keep her family.

Jst take it a day at a time and let everyone get a grasp slowly dont toss it out there. Me I always had females around me and never dated. And when I did date my female friendships were always more important the my relationships. I was always told my priorities were off by my family now I realize my priorities were confused so just dont hide let them see you for who you are no labels. My family never got the "I'm gay" talk They added it up