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I hesitate cause the one who smash me into pieces has return. - Love and Romance

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She broke my heart, I pain i've never felt before it felt as though I die that day. Til this day I still wonder if my heart has healed completely for I don't fell any beating just nothin. Am I alive? I wonder how am i still able to live and move on without her.She did me wrong so wrong but she made me so happy. I must be sick so I left after she told me that she cheated even though I was the one being accused of cheating. What killed me the most was that we were in the public's eye, we were like the "perfect couple". It was like a messy divorce I could not believe that 7 years are gone just like that! So much time invested and then just destroyed. I was so blinded I couldn't even see the train wreck that was approaching but I know that Iheard the whistle just didn't know it was for me. I bare my soul to her mother and told her how much I love her daughter and how I was going to be by her side even if she didn't not approve of our relationship. I was so brave and fearless back then. Now I'm just aloof and wanderlust, a rogue Romeo to put it gently for at that point I stop caring. Now she's back and apologize for what she has done to me and how she understands karma. A part of me hates that she found me another part thou small is glad. But now I'm confuse should I let her back in my life even though she basically ripe my heart out of my chest and fed it to wolves? I don't know what's in my chest now but I still got scars that won't heal. Am I able to forgive her?


No one can tell you what to do you have to look inside yourself. Is she worth it after everything she put you through can you forgive her and move forward. or are you always going to second guess everything she says and does. If you don't believe that she's sincere or that you're good enough her. then you two can't move on without destroying each other. so i guess it's just a matter of can you forgive and move forward


Thanks for the comment! Yeah your right, I'm over that she's back and I have told her that I forgiven her and myself but she stills want "us" to be together and I just don't see myself as a type of person to go backwards. I feel once its over and I evaluate myself as I how I handle the situation I move on to prepare myself for the next special lady. Unfortunately she didn't take it that well said some "words" and basically bitch at me for not giving her a chance! Don't feel wrong about what I said I do know that I'm not confused anymore about her. She just caught me off guard but I'm straight (not literal) now. She sucker punch me (not literal) but I'm still standing. I define myself not the other way around