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Love was grand and simple
When we had it long ago
Your kiss left a taste of nostalgia on my lips
After life had separated our moment in time

You weren’t absent from my mind
Even though it’s been a long time

I won’t speak
I won’t say anything to anybody
Nobody will ever know we were once in love
No one will ever know our true love was you for me and me for you

Your girlfriend might say we had something wrong
You friends will probably tell you that it was something childish
It may have been so long
And my act may seem selfish

But you had an everlasting part of my heart
You will always be my favorite memories

Tonight won’t bring us back to those beautiful nights
I’ve got my life and you’ve got her
Don’t wait for me because I won’t wait for you
This is our bittersweet goodbye

Cheers, we had a great ride
Got to go, have a good life

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