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She said YES - Your WRITES

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She was 3 and I was 4 the first time we met she came to my death bed when I was in the hospital I was 15 when I was 18 I asked her to marry me she said yes why am I not married only one can can guess I'm in such a frenzy I'm such a mess

I was 18 so was she I asked her to marry me she said yes

why the fuck am I not married she said yes

Oh what a relief it would be to know you are there strumming, running your fingers through my hair as we lay side by side telling you the reason why I cried but you left me you lied you said yes

A long awaited afternoon sometime in the middle of June staring up at the evening moon hoping she would come back come
back soon she never came back but


I will never forget the fact that she said yes

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