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I can blame (or credit?) Anacoana for all the Romaine I have growing in my apartment--wherever you look you will find a bowl with leaves popping up! Plus now I have an onion growing in one! At the moment I have 12 heads of Romaine growing--oh will I have a great Caesar Salad!!!!

So far all I am getting from my turnip and beet plants are great leaves--might add chopped beet leaves to a salad to give it color.

I do love to see things grow!


There are a couple of blogs that I want to post but I have limited myself to one post a day on all the varied blog webs I go to plus the amount of time I will spend on the Internet. There is the "Spamalot" show we saw yesterday--redoing the review on Cafe Vico with more pictures of what we have been eating working our way down the list without a single bad dish yet--also tried a new Mexican franchise restaurant called the Salsa Fiesta Grill--seems we now have a Mexican restaurant on every corner in Fort Lauderdale!!

The important thing to me is that I am almost finished writing the first manuscript of my probably last book, "7 DECADES SERIES"--I have about 3 chapters to go mostly summarising the last 8 years. After that the hard work starts--the part I 'hate' which is rewriting but it might be a little more fun this time as I will be adding the X-rated parts plus a few of my encounters with celebrities not spoken about before.


Last, but not least, I am vowing once again NOT to read or respond to Right Wing blogs, especially at 2 web sites. Some are just irresistible with ludicrous subject lines. They are not interested in discussions but only hearing from like minded people! I am far from being a masochist and this people only know to insult ANYONE who thinks in any way differently then they do. Some sites have blocking and I am glad so many have blocked me!! LOL Other sites just have these obscene, ridiculous subject lines showing that you go to read it just to see if they really believe what they are posting! And I fall for the trap one too many times. NO MORE!!!!


While I am talking about political subjects I was wondering today how many hypocrites will come out and be sympathetic to George Zimmerman IF he should be killed after ranting and raving against him because of the verdict. Along those lines I have NEVER said whether I feel he is guilty or not and yet some people presume they know how I feel. The only thing I have said about the verdict was that the prosecution handed the verdict to the defense!

Still political when, if ever, will the IRS ever get after churches/religions that are NOT separating religion from government. Big piece in today's paper about how a church group down here is teaching classes in how to run for public office!

Last thing--I still can't get over this and have posted it a few times--have you read/heard about the Republican Virginian candidate for Governor who want to outlaw ALL oral and anal sex by ALL sexes?!?!?!? I thought Republicans wanted less government in our lives! LOL

By the way if you really need a laugh go to the facebook page Douche Spotter-- these are really laugh out loud pictures!!!


Okay time to get back to the tough, time taking business of deleting hundreds of blogs and then working on the next to last chapter of "7 DECADES" to post Tuesday.


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