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Just thinking about my hometown. Not home sick but just thinking about the best place on earth to which where I was born and grew up at. It's just interesting that I remember the old law in my hometown that no building can be higher then the tower of William Penn. That tower you used to see from all over the city; which is why the city had that law. Now we have all these other buildings. I remember when the trash company went on stike for a couple of months in the early 80's. The parks were the only places where the neighbors couple get rid of their trash. Still the city stunk! lol I remember also when schools used to organize the studients marching down the streets as a protest against drugs and wanting to take back our streets. I also remember neighborhood organizing who's going to make sure that the kids get to school because SEPTA threaten to go on strike or did go on strike. I remember the teachers saying that if SEPTA was to go on strike; to call in and get your homework assignments!

I am still proud of where I'm from though. My hometown is very unique in various ways. First off, it happens to be the oldest city in our great nation. It was where the Declaration of Indpendence was written and read. Just right outside the city is were parts of the Revolutionary War was faught. As a matter of fact, a lot of those cabins still stand today!. It was where the nation's capitol once was. It is where a lot of people from all over the world came to raise their families.

ALso what is unique about the people of the city is that no matter if you are on good or bad terms with your neighbors. We also united to help one another out; regardless if it was weather related; because we all knew not to depend on the city to get out there during emergency situations. Also out there to even help our senior citizens. Very old fashion too but that us. This song "Streets of Philadelphia" kind of reminds me of all that. By the way. The reason why Phila-del-phia is called the City-of-Brotherly love is because the what "Philadelphia" means in latin!



Except for the height of buildings my little place Pelham Parkway in the Bronx sounds exactly the same!

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