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( Not what you would expect)

I miss the hurt you bring upon me
I miss the way you use to tell me I was never enough
I miss the yelling, the crying
I miss the pacing, the lying
I miss the black and blues
I miss the broken bones

Tell me you hate me
Tell me you don’t want me
Tell me you love somebody else
Tell me you’ll leave me
Tell me you’ll love me no more
Tell me, it was my fault
Tell me, I couldn’t be the one
Make me hurt, hurt
Make me hurt, hurt

I miss the way you use to push me out
I miss the way you intend to hurt me with your past
I miss the hitting, the pushing
I miss the kicking, the punching
I miss the deep cuts
I miss the claw scratches

I miss the great fights when it was my fault
I miss how you would beat me till I couldn’t breathe
I miss the bleeding
The cutting
The suffering
The dying
I miss the cold hard floors
I miss the bitter dark nights


Though it is good writing--and no not what I expected--it is too much masochistic for me--I have never felt that way so it is hard for me to understand it but then again I've never killed anyone but I read murder mysteries.

Good work Roman.


Thank you, I typed this song in 30 minutes. I was feeling weakness and reminiscing what I went through as a child and how I haven't been in a decent relationship with anyone. I put the two ideas together and come up with an individual who suffers in a relationship but cannot live without that kind of abuse. It is a song of feeling desperation, twisted, and at the same time I see this kind of "love" or "relationships" or hear about it from friends in their troubled relationships or movies. It isn't a stranger to me because I've felt it before growing up years ago but I've escaped it to live a better life. Yet sometimes, it haunts me still. It is there like a shadow, it is a familiar face. Too many, it doesn't make sense.


I agree with Martin, good writing not what I expected. I hope you didn't stay with this person just so you could feel all this hatred, hurt and humiliation. It isn't worth that kind of stuff.


The is an idea, invention, of a person who live like this. The song was inspired by my childhood and other people's troubled relationships. I wrote this song because I was inspired. I was never in a relationship where I was hated, hurt, or humiliated.
This song was like drawing a picture, using my imagination to create something, a song. It's not real. I didn't live it.

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