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I fell in
I couldn’t get out.
I tried climbing but I slid deeper
and deeper down the rabbit hole.

I was shrinking;
I was getting smaller.
But wait.
What’s this… a daughter.

Beautiful, Precious and his.
Blinded were my eyes
I have trapped myself in
My lies.

I passed through the double doors,
Only to see my prison, my hell…
His wonderland.

Time is ticking, ticking and ticking
I’m running out of time!
I can feel it.
I have to get my life back,
Maybe I can steal it?

Still deeper and deeper I fell
living in this life of hell
I’m just his toy.
Not again!
Now...A little boy.

Handsome, Strong and his.
Trapped again
Where do I go in this abyss?

I don’t exist anymore.
I exist because he says I exist for him.
I don’t want to exist for him
I want to exist for myself…I want to live.

I have to save myself,
I need to slay the dragon
I must escape this rabbit hole.
I have to take back what
You stole.

But how ?
How do I slay the dragon?
I can’t.
I can only find the cake and eat it.
I have to get bigger.
I have to grow.
Only then can I escape the rabbit hole.

Suddenly I knew, it’s not the cake
I don’t have to slay the dragon.
I just have to open my eyes and wake.

Wiping my brow with my hand
I saved me from my nightmare.

His wonderland...

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