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The End - Your WRITES

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The End

Soon my pale horse will come
And I am going to ride it
I’m going to ride it in the morning
My fate has be told

In a Dallas parish I was born
Then christened
Life has taken me down some strange paths
Leading me down lonely roads
I have got so many stories
There is no need for you to listen
I’m a dead woman walking
I have done all my talking
This road is inevitable
Don’t feel terrible
I did my job
Try to make a girl happy
But that ended up very crappy
We had so many dreams
But they lay dead in a pool

Walking in the forest
I see bloody tears in my eyes
From all the fears and lies
Even tried drugs
But they never took me anywhere but down
As I lay on the ground
Smashing my fists
Till they are bloody and sore
The fear builds up inside me

I seek the summer skies
But the sun just blinded me
Now I beg for forgiveness
To many sins I have
Now the dark clouds are coming
There is a storm raging in my brain
My bloody tears pour like rain
The thunder curses my pain

I wish for a new day to come
So I can stop this run
My dreams seemed too high
I lift my eyes to the sky
And let out a loud cry
I can’t understand why?
All I know is I’m going to die

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