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Close the book - Get HAPPY

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Thank you for the past for making me who I am today
Thank you to those who I have loved and lost for now I know how to love with all my heart
Thank you for the tears that I've cried for now I see clearly once more

I know now I have put my happiness in others hands and I need to take reasonability for that
I know now I deserve more for myself and I have to allow happiness in
I pushed others away too many times and I still do it
So now I have to learn the art of allowing

Far too many times I have felt let down and was disappointed
I have learnt when I get knocked down I get up again even stronger
If you think you know me you are wrong
I don't even know myself anymore

Everything I was I now am not
Life is a constant change
Life's lessons will never be forgot

It's time to be happy for no reason
Because if you are happy for a reason that can be taken away

We can forgive a child for being scared of the dark
I refuse to be frighten by the light

When words are just words they have no real meaning
I only can open my heart and hope it doesn't get torn apart


I have often posted about the mistakes I made, the bad times I had BUT I always add they made my life what it is today and I couldn't ask for a better life--I am not ready to close the book! ::O)

Enjoyed your post!


Loved it Carol.


Carol: those of us who allow those walls to recede, to allow the vulnerable, sensitive, caring side of ourselves to show are always hurt along this journey of life. You are, I think, experiencing pain and sorrow and have now stepped onto a different plain. You are probably rediscovering yourself all over again. Please give yourself a huge break. Take bubble baths, sip wine in your beautiful garden, go to book stores, coffee shops, the movies. Treat yourself to an awesome dinner out! Rediscover museums and music. Allow yourself anything that will happen along the way. Please know you are loved!

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