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I just emailed a friend from the US who just added me and I got talking about the old church I went to and for a while I've been thinking about how bad it was.

You had to be loyal to the church - I went to a conference for women which was hosted by another church, it was open to everyone no matter what church they went to yet my pastors felt insulted that I went and saw this as an act of being unloyal.

Men rule - I suspected a man of being a peodofile, yeah it was extreme but after I refused his advances he started to look at my niece who was 10 years old and he easily got upset when she wasn't near him or at church meetings.

My friend left her violent husband yet they allowed him to stay because she walked away from the marriage.

A married man made a move on me many times and I was to blame. I was told not to wear revealing clothing yet people are lucky to see my arms and half my legs because even with a skirt I wear leggings.

Pregnant - When I found out I was pregnant I was humiliated. I just wanted him to inform the others that I was having a child but instead he told them they should 'Forgive' my actions as if I was promised to one of their sons or that I was inpregnanted by a married man.

Yes it's not very Christian to get pregnant before marriage but when you spend most of your time depressed and confused on relationships and all you get from your pastors is how to feel shamed and disgusting in 5 seconds then you can see my point why I sought comfort else where.

Point is, the church is starting to look more like the government only they have more controls and if you voice out then your out.

Does this seem wrong or am I seeing things again?


Hi Liz, may I ask what church you are affliated with? We all make mistakes and sometimes it is hard to forgive others when they "tresspass" against us. No one has the right to judge anyone as Jesus said, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone".


This was an evangelical Pentecostal church I use to go to before I went to the Baptist which a wee bit better but still not LGBT friendly


I agree with Gerald.