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It always amazes me how people think they can say almost anything online if it is followed by a "LOL"
Oh they must be joking ha ha ha
Or on the other hand if you are joking and forget the "LOL" the other person might misunderstand you and get angry.
That's why I like to see who is talking to me and if they're smiling.
So much in lost in the simple tap tap tap on a screen or keyboard.
How do you feel about this?
Is it just me?
To be honest when I say lol I really am laughing out loud but I have talked to some who look so depressed and they type "LOL" and I think "are you kidding me?"


I've been a member on this site for a couple of years and have noticed discussions get heated quite often by miscommunication, or simply a thoughtless or rude remark. I've had private chats with some friends on here and have always heard the same thing, "I don't engage in the discussions b/c more often than not, the conversations turn ugly." While I understand this, it does a disservice to the site as well as the members.

Personally, I only add a comment if I feel I can add something to the topic and I always read my comment before posting. Sometimes I will correct someone's opinions with facts b/c I feel it's important or will defend someone under attack.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when it's at the determent of another or simply meant to confuse the facts (i.e., political, tax policy, etc.) I will always weigh in. I don't agree with people who add "lol" or the like when clearly they're insulting someone else directly or indirectly. We should all be mindful of our posts. Sarcasm can often be confused as an insult, and better left in your head and not in a post.


Carol, it is very difficult to read what is behind black letters on a white background--I generally will add LOL or ) if I am not being serious or take what I am saying with a grain of salt or I am being sarcastic BUT that doesn't mean the person reading it will take it any of those ways.
If a person takes the time to know me they know what I am saying--I don't intentionally hurt anyone--that is not my way but I also know if they don't know me they can take what I say in the wrong way.
If I feel someone is being 'nasty' to me I will read a few of the other things that they have written to see if that is their 'style'--I enjoy dry wit--I like sarcasm if the person can take it as well as give it.
And 'accidents' do happen like my not realizing I had the Caps Lock on yesterday LOL

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