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So innocent and fragile
the heart of the romantic
who instead of falling in
love with an individual
falls more in love with
the idea of love itself
and within pulses
a radiant fire
the longing to find
that love which it has
been seeking again
and again inside others
but instead finds disappointment
and sadness inside those
who do not feel
the same love
who do not know
the purity of love
as well as you
who think that
you’ve watched too many
romantic movies and soap operas
that you fantasize too much
when you read those
romance novels and poetry
that love songs are
just words filled with
a bunch of clichés
but you refuse to believe that
you know deep inside
that true love exists
that there is another heart
out there waiting for you
who feels the same as you
who wants to embrace you and
share that same warmth burning within
who has longed to receive your love
which you have kept inside
that has been meant solely for him
who wants to see the reflection
of your soul as he looks into
those eyes that have
captivated his own soul
who wants his lips to
meet with yours
so that you may both get
but a small taste of passion
who wants to hold you by
the hand to let you know
that never again will you
have to let go and be alone
because both of you have
patiently waited to
find one another
and hope that you will find
each other again and again
because true love is eternal
and it transcends each time
your soul and heart are reborn
all you can do now is keep that
love alive within that romantic heart
so innocent and fragile
because you will need it one day
for that special romantic heart
that is also looking for you
and within you’ll prove that
real love truly does exist.

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