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Hey, we just posted this on Gays.com Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/gay.community) would love to hear you're opinions here:

You're in a steady relationship, you're offered US$1Million to sleep with someone, if you're not bisexual, imagine it's someone of the opposite sex! (just to make it even more difficult!) Would you seriously discuss this with your partner as being something to be considered? Would you do it, even if it means risking the end of your relationship?


I wouldn't cheat, no matter how much I was offered and regardless of whether my boyfriend agreed or not. I wouldn't like to be cheated on, hence the fact I'm saying no.


You bet I would.


Yes i would sleep with them,and with the money get fixed, sorted, srs completed as well as a few friends with their srs.
As for bi's for most on here that is easy we all prefer same -sex but, well we do know what guys like.


Sleeping with somebody for money is prostitution. Doesn't matter if it's twenty-five dollars or twenty-five gazillion dollars.


@ jack, sorry never sold myself for 25$,not a 10$ tranny whore either, but your using it in the sexual context, well Lgbt human rights are also sex workers rights & womens rights.
Take away the sex, the requirements of food & shelter makes most sell themselves to the requirements of the job, and payment is in money.
That is another form of prostitution.
Please a bit more respect for those that were creatures of the night, or would you prefer i explained in great detail how the demons used and abused the young & homeless, the boy or girl raped, and beaten and even
Then the shame of friends & neighbours that find out he or she is a whore,whereas they all give it for free.
My friend your wrong and misguided in this opinion, and voicing opinions of religious houses, that hate the Lgbt community, is wrong.


Nope, I wouldn't do it not for any amount. And i have never cheated and never will cheat. For me personally I couldn't do it. But that's just me. I'm not judging anyone who would though. That's their business, not mine.


Nope I wouldn't do it no matter how much money they offered me. I'm a one woman, woman and thats all there is ti it.


its the individuals choice, and believe me selling yourself is not easy, its very hard, you end up using the term "meat" and other terms, sex becomes no longer fun.
Me personally i would legalise it worldwide, that would end discrimination.
As for sex, i dont get that a lot the now, was supposed to meet someone for "fun",instead i went on a long journey back home to caithness for the day, an area i love, you can see some pics now uploaded here.
But we all would like the same thing , a nice person that loved you and did not treat you like meat.


had a look today on gays.com facebook page , the price is now 44M$, tara increased the price for them, whereas we get offered a measly 1M$.


Dude, not cool, I'm worth at least 44 mil pssh lame lol

What are we, chopped liver?


hahaha, I love the fact that you guys checked Facebook! Yes, I changed it cos someone said $1M wasn't a lot of money these days (don't know what he was talking about, cos I could well do with $500,000 even! lol)

Anyways...so go on then, if I up it to $44M would you?

BTW, I'm not talking about cheating! If you have seen the movie, it was a joint decision by the characters...they discussed whether she should do it and both consented to it...


Trust me after 26 years now with my hubby we both say the same thing if someone would give that much money we both would do him...LOL....


I meant nobody any disrespect.