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When I open my facebook page I sometimes see a list of people who have added a number of friends. Not just one or two, but dozens. Under each person who has done so, there is a button you can press, to find out if I know some of these new additions.

Then I ask myself what is the meaning of these friendships. do they really have some meaning in real life? Is it just a way of telling other people how popular you are. Do all those hundreds of facebookfriends really care about the person who added them?


Facebook friends or any online friends ,it could be argued that it could lead to real-life friends that meet each other on a regular basis.
your my friend on here, and was also on facebook,but since you knew me,how many times have i moved deleting friends list,and after a while re-adding them.
I can only reflect on how irrational that would seem to be for you, even on here, you know me, but find it hard to find me on facebook.
I have my reasons, security is only one, the other is emotional issues, and something best kept private, still if i am in the neighborhood its just good manners to say hi,but then that is me, and its up to you.


Be serious. Nobody on facebook cares about who his/her friends are on facebook. The whole thing is a popularity contest. What matters only is how many friends you have. It also serves as a cop out to the real world. I parted company with a friend the other night, and he said to me, "Facebook me." It's not call me or visit me or even text me. It's become facebook me.


@jack: you can be that jaded if you'd like but if you just add friends yourself for the shear volumn or friend someone who has more than 20 or so friends then you are just as much of the problem. I myself have great friends here and on fb but then I'm very picky just because I can be. All I have to say about the "friend" you parted ways with is, well maybe he's not such a hot friend. I would call friends in a heart beat, especially if they were in the same country. But the vast majority of my friends are in other countries.

@ailean: what's up girl? And since I know you well enough, I completely understand you. Rock on!

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