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Hello Everybody,

A friend of mine and I put together a group call “LGBTS Eye Opener”.


This is what the group is about!

The purpose of this group is for the people who’s sexual orientations are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-gender, and Straight can open their eyes and see what is going on with messages that are being reported by LGBTS communities, media, organizations, and etc. Also focusing on different terms in vocabulary use in order to get these messages out.



This group intent is NOT to discourage you from whatever organization, community, media and anything else that you may be apart of!

Just an eye opener is all what this group is. If you like this group, GREAT! If you don’t like this group, you can leave and you will not be looked down upon. Just bare in mind that this group is not for everybody.

The intent of this group is to share point of views regard to how people
see different events of activism, media and etc. of how they are telling the story and what they want you to focus on. The way I like to put it in different terms, “Thinking outside the box”.


Of course you know that we only hear what the people put in writing or broadcast on the news right? Is it always going to cover all aspect of what actually happened? Anyway that’s what this group is about.



This group is NOT to argue with any members are on politics and points of views. Instead try to see where that member is coming from and see if you can meet half way. In other words people educate people is what this group is about!



Cool ideas! Thanks for sharing.


great will check it out