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My Lust - Your WRITES

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My Lust

The soft , almost invisible,
hairs on the back of my neck send delicious shivers down my spine,
exciting my body and mind,
the kisses you drop there moisten my secret place
and arouse my secret soul,
your fingers draw masterpieces on my body,
wetting my skin and my apetite,
the circles you draw become a magical spell…
that envelopes me in an unseeable cloak that hides my shameless passion …

I tumble helplessly into the night of your eyes
and find myself there in your heart,
held in the arms of the Angel who is watching with jealous pleasure
as my skin brings forth a shuddering explosion..
whilst you feast on my lust,
nibbling chunks out of me and devouring me at your will…

The aria of my triumph is only out-sung by your breathless cry…
a silent duet falls around us…

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