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Meetup - Get HAPPY

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We all joined this site to be a part of an online LGBT community, and some of us have made friends here. I sometimes participate in online group discussions and have noticed the vast number of people wanting to actually meet new people. Nothing new to that, but I recently moved to a new city and joined “Meetup,” which I found online.

First, let me state I'm not affiliated w/Meetup.com except for being a member of a couple of groups... nor am I being paid to recruit anyone. I simply thought to bring this concept to gays.com b/c so many of you out there feel alone and/or isolated.

Meetup.com is an online community which offers many different events in and around your city. You can join any of the different groups they have to offer depending on your interests. I’ve already been to a few events and I’ve met several new women. Please note there are lesbian groups and many others online here for you to enjoy. This isn’t a dating service or anything like that, just a way to meet new people, and there is no sign up cost (despite verbiage to say there is, that's just to make sure you're serious).

The way this works is you join a group (your interests) and then you can look around at the various events in and around your city to sign up to attend. The site will also send you invitations to new events within your group to rsvp. You can even create an event yourself. Since joining I've attended the following events in my city: Roller Skating, a city festival, and movies. There is an organizer for each group and they provide the details of the event and where to meet up in order to hang out as a group. My personal experience has been positive.

Hopefully gays.com will post a link on their Home page for future reference and for the newbees out there!


Hi Martin, I'm not aware of any groups on Facebook... you can like pages and make comments on posts but I've never seen any groups to join and then go to safe events. But if there are such activities to join, maybe you should tell us about it.

As for Craigslist, and no offense intended... but I hear only men use it to troll for sex. LOL


Whatever. Maybe that's why this site is dead; with attitudes like yours.


i'm sorry that u have to meet men like that it's like that that the LGBT get a bad name not all of us are like that ok think's for letting us know about the other groups out there ok


OMG! When did gay people lose their sense of humor?????
Joy, it is because of men like me fighting for gay rights since 1949 that you have rights today--how many marches on/in DC have you marched? How many times have you been thrown in jail fighting drug companies? Yes it is 'men like that' ME that you can even have groups like this.
Get your nose out of the air Joy--and get into the streets like 'men like that' did for 50-60 years.
Read your comment again--it was/is very insulting and rude to all the generations before yours who stood up for you.


Thank you Joy; I appreciate your thoughtfulness. The problem with the discussion groups within this site is people like Martin who insult and dismiss the opinions of others then get defensive when called out on it. FYI - just because you type LOL or put a symbol behind a rude comment isn't humorous at all.

Honestly, I read Martin's comment which not only was insulting but dismiss and mean. He wrote, "I don't think what you are involved with would work here but I would be happy to be disproved! :O)" What this implied to me is screw your idea of broadening our site and I hope it's disapproved because that would make me happy.

So basically you gain happiness by putting others down. Maybe you should be in a group entitled "hateful and mean" instead of "get happy."

Martin, I suggest you read your comments and realize how others interpret your words. Turning it around on me or Joy is unacceptable. You sir, were the only one within this thread that was rude.


people just like that are mad at them self and and other that's why they are not with anyone ok


here for u ok
Dear JOY,

You reported Martin D. Goodkin for a violation of our Terms of Use (reason: Hate Speech). A Gays.com moderator has looked into the case and taken appropriate action against the user.

Thank you for helping us to make Gays.com a fun community where people from all around the world can keep in touch with friends.

Have a fabulous day!
Your Gays.com Team


" I'm looking for: Friendship, Dating, Relationship, Random Play, Whatever Joy Reardon