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was watching this programme on news 24 on saturday, it was about the treatment for hiv+ in the ukraine, and how govt politicians are involved in granting licences to importers for hiv drugs in the treatment, have been using it to aquire large bribes for these licences.
It was also about how the police were involved in harrasement and the selling of drugs, and the use of "substitution therapy" for hiv+ patients, all they were being given was methadone, and even that was a tiny minority, out of 80,000 people, only 1800 had access to proper hiv drugs, and it had to bought privately at inflated prices.
In kiev is the lavra clinic, it deals with hiv patients, and was in the central part of town near the church, the church objected to the clinic, and the clinic was forcibly moved 9klms out of town, making it differcult for patients to attend.
Due to govt corruption bill gates is chanelling 92 million $ through the charity Aids Alliance, mainly supplying condoms and hiv testing kits, and clean needles for drug addicts.
Odessa is still a hotspot, and the treatment or lack of by the govt, is tantamount to allowing the infected people to die, by refusing treatment.
A govt spokesperson stated that there is a draft law on the use of substitution therapy, the banning of homosexual propaganda, and also stated " homosexuality is a personality disorder"
Nothing was said of the lesbian or transgender community, but then if they dont have to say anything the problem does not exist.
So who fancies a nice holiday in ukraine or russia, not me, about time the west did something!
In the west people with hiv still have some life, in the post communist countries there being left to die with no help.
On fri 17 may International homophobia day, remember them, not everyone is lucky to stay in an area that at least gives its citizens equal treatment in medical care, irrespective of gender or sex, or race.


Withholding treatment is deplorable... I understand people & companies are greedy, but come on HIV & Aids has the possibility to affect an entire society. Education and condoms are not an expensive way to stop the spread of it. How do different societies allow these narrow minded fools to run governments? Far too many countries are against homosexuality and we really need to do a better job to inform people.

Yes, we've come a long way since 1984-85 but it needs to be better. Act-up was the leader to bring awareness with their signature Silence = Death campaign and ultimately changed government policy and views against homosexuality.

I'm glad you brought this discussion to gays.com as this is something that needs to be discussed and action should be the driving force to bring about change. There's a lot of independent film makers out there, students that could create documentaries or short films about the atrocities... something.

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