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On February 29, 2000 I celebrated my Sweet 16 Leap Birthday and divided it into 2 parts. For lunch I took 12 people to The Cheesecake Factory and I ordered a slice of each kind of cheesecake they had. In the evening I took 26 people to eat at The Ark which has a Captain's Buffet table consisting of most anything you could think of to eat.
(By the way I will be going to The Ark also to celebrate the 19th. oooops! No I didn't as the Ark was closed by then !)

I received many great presents that year but one of the best was a complete BBQ dinner from Corky's in Memphis that Chuck sent and how could one not love a 'money balloon'--I still don't know how they got the bills in the balloon but I did wait for all the air to go out before I ripped it open and took the money out! LOL Also, since I was fairly new working on a computer, I got 'tech' stuff from Betsy, Bob, Nancy and Doug!

I only had to wait 4 more years for my 17th birthday and that would be a memorable one--some of the folks here at Gateway who came are still talking about it!

People ask "What day do you celebrate during the 'off' years?" and my answer is "I don't!" I only celebrate my birthday every 4 years and when I do it is usually all month! LOL I am now starting to save for my 20th Leap Year birthday in 2016

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