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Looking for Mr.Right and not Mr. Right now - Looking for LOVE!!!

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I'm a very simple guy. I love the outdoors and playing sports. Staying in good shape and health is very important to me so i work out an hour a day 6 days a week. To tell the truth i've been kinda stumped on what i should do with my body because it seems when im all nice and toned from head to toe guys only have one thing on thier mind when they see me. Although when i gain a few its like noone wants to talk to me at all which is funny in the sense of seeing who some people really are rather than who they present themselves as. I do believe in a hard days work and i ive always worked for what i have and i wouldnt wanna have it any other way. But anyway I also speak a couple different languages ( french, spanish, english) you never can be to prepared i always like to belive ^-^. I love kids and hope to have a HUGE family one day and also be happily married ( hopefully). I know im young but trust me I've been through some of it but enough of reality to be down to earth and sensable, I really just want to settle down or atleas have something real for a change I'm not looking for hookups I just wanna be happy with my potential husband ( Whoever/ Wherever he is). I'm not into the club scene, I go along the lines of cafe and blues more relaxed and open rather than wild and loose although i do have my moments but i also have my morals. I'm a really outgoing guy but im shy at first when it comes to meeting someone I'm not usually the one who peruses but from time to time I do. And i have allot of people tell me stop looking if you cant find him he'll find you and i wait but im young so it seems like forever forgive me ^-^. I am a bottom though to some that seems to be a deal breaker now a days. I do enjoy a good days hard work though weather it be fixing something around the house or gardening or just working on a project i am ambitious and often dont know the meaning of the word break or slow down. I guess sometimes i just cant help it when i see something i want i have to go at it but with good intentions and good reason. My deal breaker would have to be bi guys not really a HUGE fan more of the opposite really its a total turn off that and lieing but honestly im willing to give it a try one last time befor i swear off of them for good. I dont know never really had allot of luck with them. With me they always seemed to cheat or not want guys anymore and just flip back and forth and right now im at a time in my life where i dont have time for guys who dont know what they want for sure.I mean im in school working to get my degree so i can have a career i need someone stable who will be there when i cry to whip away the tears and comfurt me, to share the good times with laughs and jokes, and to share the bad times through loss and striff. Buuuuuut Beyond all that I'm Very easy going and dont really ask for much, atleast i dont think so just someone to be there when i need them both figuratively and emotionally and physically nothing more nothing less really. so what im trying to say is to be perfectly honest i would like someone who is masculine, Kind, Romantic, In shape is important i need a man who can keep up with me and fit enogh to do stuff like hike and run and workout, Loving, Taller is a good start to ^-^, Loyalty is big for me if its a relationship and honesty is also huge with me if i can tell you the truth i dont see why you can't. Someone who has life together and knows what they want without a doubt and just dosent want sex 24/7. Although sex is good its not everything I mean I dont like equating sex with a handshake. Someone who is intelagent enough to have an intalectual conversation weather it be about philosophy, the human mind, polotics, whatever. Also someone who isnt afraid to get down and dirty weather it be literal or metaphorical. Im tired of kissing toads.


Wow. What you wrote def says a lot about you. I would def remove your phone number as you are asking for trouble by posting it. Only give out your number once you know someone well enough. I am impressed by what you wrote hit me up if you would like to chat more


So true Jay never post your # ....I too am impress you are truely a open and nice guy..If you like you can add me too..


Isn't that what almost every young guy wants? Cheers for listing up all the above. It sure took some time. I don't know but recently I have fallen for a "straight guy" as he says it but then again I can't help but hope and wish that he isn't. Sad thing is I've never met another gay guy in real life.

Once again nice post =) represents me totally as well. Good luck on finding your mr right.


=). reading this made me smile. its good to know that not everyone is into one night stands and hook ups. and by the way, good luck on finding ur Mr. Right! hopefully you find what your looking for =D


Thanks guys for replying it really does make me feel better when i read your comments at times when im feeling a little lonely ^-^