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We all joined this site to be a part of an online LGBT community, and some of us have made friends here. I sometimes participate in online group discussions and have noticed the vast number of people wanting to actually meet new people. Nothing new to that, but I recently moved to a new city and joined “Meetup,” which I found online.

First, let me state I'm not affiliated w/Meetup.com except for being a member of a couple of groups... nor am I being paid to recruit anyone. I simply thought to bring this concept to gays.com b/c so many of you out there feel alone and/or isolated.

Meetup.com is an online community which offers many different events in and around your city. You can join any of the different groups they have to offer depending on your interests. I’ve already been to a few events and I’ve met several new women. Please note there are lesbian groups and many others online here for you to enjoy. This isn’t a dating service or anything like that, just a way to meet new people, and there is no sign up cost (despite verbiage to say there is, that's just to make sure you're serious).

The way this works is you join a group (your interests) and then you can look around at the various events in and around your city to sign up to attend. The site will also send you invitations to new events within your group to rsvp. You can even create an event yourself. Since joining I've attended the following events in my city: Roller Skating, a city festival, and movies. There is an organizer for each group and they provide the details of the event and where to meet up in order to hang out as a group. My personal experience has been positive.

Hopefully gays.com will post a link on their Home page for future reference and for the newbees out there!

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