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My First Love - Poetry Group

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I write to you
kind woman
to you who
carried me in your womb
for nine months
and in those nine months
you fed me
you spoke to me
me sang to me
and you loved me
our anticipation grew
day after day
both of us were very anxious
we couldn’t wait to finally
meet each other face to face
but I was more anxious to see
what a beautiful mother
God has gifted me with
I also waited for you
to carry me in those arms
that have waited so long
for me
finally the day had come
we were finally together
mother and child
and it was in that instant
that I met you
my first love
then you brought me to our home
and our relationship kept on growing
you continued to feed me
when I was hungry
you gave me the strength
to take my first steps
so that I could follow you
no matter where you went
it was because of you that
I learned how to speak
so that I could express with words
how much I loved you
and how much I would continue
to love you
I received a lot care from you
whenever I was sick
and I would feel comfortable
knowing that you would always
be by my side
the years went by
and it was time for me
to attend school
but just the thought
of us separating
brought us great sadness
but we got used to it
we had to take the time
to miss each other and
then see each other again
with great joy
you supported me
throughout school
I would learn everything that
the teachers taught me and
I would come home
and show you how much
I had learned so that
you could realize that
I was becoming a big boy
the years continued to pass us by
I started to enter into that state
of rebellion and being a troublemaker
despite all of my wrongs
in your eyes you continued to see me
as that beautiful boy that
you held in your amrs
and you continued to
give me your unconditional love
and time kept going
I’m a man now,
we’ve had our good and bad moments
but we’re still together
I wanna take this time to
ask you for forgiveness
forgive me for not telling you
how much I truly love you
this should be something
I should never forget to do
forgive me for ever treating you wrong
because you never deserved any of it
forgive me for being ungrateful
for all the things you have done for me
and for all the things
you continue to do for me
and I also wanna thank you
for carrying me in your womb
for giving me life
for giving me that
strong maternal love that
lies deep within your heart
for offering me your protection
whenever I was afraid
for the support and strength that
you have given me so that
I could face life’s obstacles
praise the Lord for blessing me
with a mother like you
I hope to have you for
many more years so that
I could show you that our love
is as strong as that first day we met
and bless you
for you are
the most beautiful woman if my life
who I have the greatest honor
call “mother”
I adore you and love you
and I will continue to do so
now and forever

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