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There's Not Much I Could Say About Myself
Except I Was Born & I'm Still Here. I Was Born
On November 13 1978 In Concord Cabarrus
County North Carolina That's All I Was Told
Except 4 The Fact That I Have A 1/2 Brother
Who's Name May Be Scotty Or Something Like
That I Wouldn't Know He Is 32 Or 33
Supposedly 1 Year & A 1/2 Yonger Than Me I'm
34 I don't know what causes ADD/ADHD or LD
maybe it's genetics, and me being classified as
mentally delayed and BEH. After I was born,
from what I was told, I lost oxygen to my brain. I
was 18 months when I was taking away from
my mother, my dad never came in court claim
me, I became ward of the state. Apparently I
was 13 and 11 months when I was adopted,
and that's all I was told, but then again I didn't
find any of this out until I was 13. I died 4-19-1994 from getting hit by a car I was 15 I've had
two black outs my entire life and this was the
result of one of them my adopted parents died
2008 mom April 16th I was 29 dad December
the 10th I was 30 I have no siblings to my
knowledge except for the half brother that I've
never met I have a lot of problems but then
again who doesn't I do however like talking with
people but unfortunately I can't bring myself to
introduce myself to anybody and I have a lot of
things to talk about I'm not a bad person but it
always seems like people are looking down
upon me but then again I'm a very shy
individual a very unique person and nobody
understands me I was told that when I
introduce myself I'm not to talk about myself I'm
supposed to talk about the other person let
them know that I'm interested in knowing about
them but if you ask me that sounds creepy the
person might think I'm a stalker which I'm not I
would however like to be more open with people
meet new faces sit down have coffee lunch
whatever makes no nevermind to me just as
long as I have someone to talk with or to I've
known for awhile that I could be attracted to
men I've lived my entire life is a lesbian but I
don't think I am one I've really been trying to
find myself and the attraction to men has
always been there but then again I have never
found the right man who would treat me like a
lady I'd like to imagine having a man to call my
husband but I'm scared whether I am bisexual
or not I do have an attraction to both sexes and
I don't want to be forced into anything I am still
unsure about which path I will choose


Wow, that's some story Christina! I think that just talking about your life can be comforting, good therapy. Would be helpful to find your half brother Scotty which would bring you some closure and may be helpful for him too in getting to know you. Patrick


Thank You Patrick

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