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Date = Success! - Gay Guys! <3

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, it went great!
There is a little problem, he classes himself as bisexual leaning to gay, but he's really confused! He's only recently started feeling like this and he's unsure of his feelings, he said he finds boys attractive but doesn't feel anything when he's kissed boys in the past, however, he does feel something when he kisses girls but now he doesn't find girls as attractive as boys.
Now, he told me he likes me, we ran into some mates in Swansea and this is what it went like.

Mate: So Richard, who's this then?
Me: This is Craig
Mate: Ah, you're on a date?
Me: Yeah, I guess
Craig: Well I hope so anyway!
Mate: Do you like him Rich?
Me: *blushes* can we stop talking about this?
Craig: Well I like you!
Me: Okay, I like you too!

So, he's admitted he likes me but since he's not 100% sure on his sexuality things might not happen, because he mentioned how he doesn't want to have to break up with someone because his feelings on his sexuality change, so I think that means he doesn't want a relationship until he feels secure about his sexuality.
I really like the guy! I guess only time will tell if anything is to happen between us!


Rich you seem to have this thing about finding hot guys who are not completely in sync with you ie: gay. I personally think most bisexuals are really just confused as to what they like OR are afraid someone will find out they like guys.


Richard. Really pleased it went well. What you wrote radiates contentment .... like a cat who's purring with happiness! Brilliant !! I would say just enjoy the fun of being with Craig and just see how things turn out. He sounds fun and in touch with his emotions so just see where it leads ....... Anyway, I am VERY pleased that it all went well for you.


Richard, this is MY OPINION after 77 years of dealing with bi-MEN!
"he classes himself as bisexual leaning to gay, " I have never heard of a bi man leaving his male lover for a female--I have found men unsure, insecure with their masculinity think bi makes them sound more manly--because a man is married and has kids doesn't make them bi--most of f these guys will tell you they are gay after they reach 50!!! LOL
So glad you had a good time--hope you are learning that worrying is wasting time!


Richard. Just take it slowly and don't put pressure on him, he'll come around.

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