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Friends - Your WRITES

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what is a friend if not someone you can talk to or confide in people say you can always trust your friends and others say
friends are nothing but trouble they will only let you down you're better off on
your own

everyone want's, everyone love's, but everybody needs to be Wanted & Loved

love knows no bonderies love sees no color love sees you and only you why can't people see that it makes no
difference whether you are black white gay straight trans everybody should be

love in harmony people living in unity the way it was intended to be makes no difference gender or color just as long as you know there is love one 2 another


Friends are the best.


My whole life I have concentrated on making friends and have always had 3-4 at the same time--having/making a friend is hard work but worth it.


its not hard making friends its the keeping them.
an example, @ jack i am sure that some of the family history of my relations would not only make you sick but would have you blocking me, it was differcult enough for me, despite what my mum and dad did.
Me, i was at my local lgbt group not long ago, and they asked me if i could bring a freind, i said i could not , may have lots of online friends, but in real life none, not one.
Trust is an issue with me, often i have been betrayed and hurt, thats what good friends have done to me in the past, same with family.
So only trust myself, and cruise alone, like a ghostship, with no friendly harbour, or whether anyone care if i am alive or dead.
And when i feel depressed, i just say to myself, just stay alive and make my enemies feel miserable that i am still here.
Martin you have been on your own for 40 yrs, i have been alone since i was born in this hell, and will be until i die, and i hope it comes every day, but until then, i will talk to you guys and girls, at least i have you.

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