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I'm back on the dating scene after like 7 months of staying away.
I got a date tomorrow Friday 09/05/2013 and I am panicking!
I met this really amazing guy in a Youth Club that we both have volunteered in, I'm like a bag of nerves.
So, we're off to Nandos in Swansea and see where we go from there, whenever I see him I go all tongue tied and get butterflies in the stomach! I'll have to get over that by tomorrow!
He's really sporty and funny, and not to mention amazingly hot!
I'm playing it cool atm, not going in all guns blazing, taking it at a nice pace so we don't get lost in our emotions.
After 7 months of nothing I finally got a date, and I'm so worried! :P


Thurs., May 9th, 13, 19:30 Hrs. M.D.T.
Take it Slow and Just Go One Step at
a Time. If He Wants Sex, Take it Slow,
Try to Score on the Things You Have
in Common and Other Things Can
Cum Later. Let Him Know You Appreciate
That What You Have in Common and
You Wish to Proceed on What Your Both
Interested In. Making Love Will Cum When
Your Both Into It and are Comfortable etc.
Good Luck, OK.


Good luck Richard--take the date slow--if it is going to be you will want to remember your first date together--whether you kiss, have sex or do nothing your first date just be comfortable--enjoy.


enjoy every second life is to short and tell us all the details


Could you just imagine the list of 'em?

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