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Crime - Your WRITES

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Jodi Arias has been found guilty of Murder in the First. I love this stuff. I'm not so interested in the whole case. Only knew about it because my coworker listens to CNN all day. It's really an uninteresting story, though, like that case with the crazy woman in Florida. What I do love about these things, though, is all the money, money, money that is generated as a result. The prosecuting attorney in this case is an autograph-signing celebrity, and don't forget about Marcia Clark or Kato Kalin! You have movies, TV movies, Lifetime movies. CNN, ABC, Fox, and all the other networks get hysterical rating boosts.

Then, the book deals! I read an article in which a publisher said that her company was dying to sign that Florida nutcase to a book deal. Jodi Airas? She probably won't get her own book deal, but you can bet her parents will have one before long, and the boyfriend's family, and the prosecuting attorney. Lifetime already has a movie coming out, I've heard. It's books and movies galore! All thanks to one incidental throat slashing!

I'm waiting for the books to come out of Boston, though. One already came out a week or two ago and is available online. It's written like a blog, though, so it didn't really interest me.


So there you go Jack---kill someone in a newsworthy way and you'll be able to sell your books!!!


I was thinking something more along the lines of a crime spree. I never understood, though, why Topps didn't come out with OJ trial trading cards.


Oo, gold. There's a thought.


Florida is full of nuts, more nuts than oranges.