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just a short note for some to think about, when you add someone, have a look at there profile, and generally it looks ok, but if there friends with someone you know is a good person that is generally a good sign, but dont take it a sacrosanct.
In chat watch out for little mistakes, for scammers and spammers will make them.
For instance the muslim belief we are evil, is a signal , now not all think that, but you should be aware of a danger signal, then if there from a country that if there in a war zone, where if there found out to be a foreigner and an enemy in the war zone would be killed instantly, that being gay or lgbt would not be important, to me it smells.
so if you get suspicions, but not sure inbox management to check it out.
If someone asks for email details never share them or passwords, or address, number phone number and so on until your sure of them.
Identity theft happens, so safeguard yourself and others here report it to management.
One can click on avatar of the person , but do report it first, then use block, if you try it the other way the report will not work.
Mainly this is for those that are new or some others that dont know how.
Stay safe, and keep your friends on here safe, we look out for each other here, remember that please.

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