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Marriage Equality Survey - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey y'all,

I was wondering if y'all could help out my boyfriend with his final project in English.
His topic is Marriage Equality and since its been a growing issue he's trying to advocate for it at his college. So if you would be so kind to take his survey, it is 100% anonymous and it would help him out a lot. The link to the survey is below.

Thank You,




Thank You guys sooooo much!!!
I really appreciate it


I have done it and I think it is great. Go for it



there you go i took his i hope he passes his english project


i 've done the survey


Thank you guys!!! I really appreciate it!! ^.^ btw, im sorry if the questions might sound redundant, but since there are different laws in the US, hes just asking for those in states that dont allow same sex marriage and recognition.


Thank You


You are welcome Jules but don't tell your boyfriend that I thought it was a lame poll for a final. :O)


@ Martin: That's really uncalled for. Would have been more appropriate to give pointers instead of a sly diminutive comment.

FYl, up to this point, i was not the one posting.
Thank you all who took the time to help out. ^^


Jules, didn't meant to hurt your feelings but I expected a more learned poll--for a final there didn't seem to have been done much research to stand out and the latter is important to teachers/professors--there was nothing 'sly' about my comment--hope he gets an A


"...but don't tell your boyfriend...." Then why bother putting such a comment. Could have been better to just expand on your latest comment. Whatever the case may be; there's no justification for ignorant post.
You just can't assume that a paper only has one source. He knows what he's doing; just some extra abstract data.

Regardless of the case, it's okay. No hard feelings (There's already enough going around this site anyway), but gotta stand up for people you care about no?